Our Trustees and Grant Committee

Jeff Von Voigtlander,

Jeff enjoys biking, hiking, and kayaking, and is passionate about supporting parks and recreational areas. In addition, Jeff and Kathleen’s son is a proud member of our military, so supporting veterans is important to him, including supporting the training of dogs for service animals to our disabled veterans.

Kathleen Von Voigtlander,

As a former public school teacher, Kathleen has first-hand knowledge of the negative effects that cuts to public education have had on the quality of education that students receive. Supporting our youth as they strive to better themselves is very important to her. She is also a lifelong pet owner, and her love for all animals is what drives her to give to these charities.

Co-Chairs of Grant Committee

Jennifer Von Voigtlander,

With a background in earth science, Jennifer believes in the preservation of our parks and recreational areas and supports programs that make a positive impact on our environment. Jennifer’s love for animals, including her beloved cat, Leonardo DiCatrio, motivates her to support public charities dedicated to the rescue and protection of animals.

Josephine Von Voigtlander,

Josie, Jeff’s sister, is passionate about Special Olympics. She became involved when she befriended two women with cognitive disabilities, and has been a track coach, a partner in volleyball and basketball, and a dorm room counselor for Special Olympics. Her love for horses inspires her to contribute to their welfare. Supporting programs where horses are trained as therapy animals is important to Josie as well.

Jacquelin Moody,

Jacque has always had a desire to care for those less fortunate than herself, and the mission of the foundation ties in perfectly to those who so desperately need help and compassion. So, for those serving our country; to animals that need protecting; to children less fortunate and protection of our environment, the foundation provides needed financial resources to make some of the organizations serving these needs a reality.

Our Mission Statement

The Von Voigtlander Family Foundation, an irrevocable charitable trust under Michigan law was created by Jeff and Kathleen Von Voigtlander. 
Our mission is to make the world a better place by being part of the building and strengthening of those in need of assistance.

  • The Foundation will strive to support public education through grants to education institutions for scholarships, extracurricular programs, athletics, technology, and motivational speakers for assemblies, as well as other educational needs.
  • We will strive to make a difference in the lives of under-privileged, disabled and terminally ill children through grants to hospitals and other public charities for medical research, education, and programs dedicated to helping such children achieve their dreams.
  • Since recreation and the preservation of land for the enjoyment of everyone ties to the well-being of both young and old, the Foundation will make grants to those public charities that work to protect our parks and recreational areas.
  • We will also make grants in support of programs at public charities that are dedicated to the rescue and protection of animals due to disaster, abandonment, or abuse, as well as the training of dogs for special needs children and the disabled.
  • The Foundation will focus on supporting our military and veterans affairs programs.
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